The Copulation of Man and Nature

Cle Elum River, Washington 2016


The wood ruptured my clay-covered skin as I dragged my body across its bulky trunk. The log itself was burrowed in a massive pile of debris brought down by the influx of snow melt, too common for this part of the woods, on an early spring morning.  Jagged and mangled, my arms, thighs and torso, cut and split against the rough bark of the Ponderosa Pine. Here, clinging to the tree suspended over ten feet high, I felt the jagged, rustic blue rocks lurking below. I had finally found the real obstacle—my inability to see. My eyeless mask weighed over thirty-five pounds. With only nature’s texture, no vision of its calling, I felt my inability turn into fear. This feeling, clay-covered and blind perched among the Ponderosa Pine, almost pushed me into the rocky blue bed below.


Recovery lasted seven days.