Illuminating the Brute

Salt Flats, Utah 2016


The crisp salt flats cracked beneath my naked feet as I lugged the rigid concrete form through the barren white plains. It stood over three feet high, sprawled out six feet in length, and imposed a staggering fourteen-hundred pounds on my beaten body. Desperately clinging to the manila rope, the crunching of the salt below the rolling concrete billowed, overtaking any sounds of my own. Tired and weathered by the scorching sun, the clay parched and began to crack across my stale flesh. For one mile in one-hundred and two-degree heat I pulled before collapsing in defeat. Breathing heavy, my heart thump, thump, thumped. I had finally found the real obstacle, in this collapsing moment, I must attempt to overcome, to stand tattered, to continue on.


Recovery lasted eight days.