The Reintegration of Man and Animal





The moment between exertion and recovery; When fueled only by ones animalistic and primordial subconscious—one begins to understand how the separate domains of sex, power, and dominance, when combined as one element, become a duality of the self and can teach us the ephemeral, intra workings of our own identities.


The Brute lives in this world. The Brute lives in our world. The Brute covers its powerful body in the Earth’s clay. Though its ears are covered, it hears its mind enter a world that is methodically senseful. Though its eyes and nose are covered, it trusts its body to enter a world that reconstructs psyches and teaches self about self from self


The Brute is not an allusion but a portrait of the moment between exertion and recovery; the performance of our most animalistic and primordial subconscious coinciding not with the way things are supposed to be, but with the way things have to be.